Blood Test Results

So Jo’s blood test results showed that she had become Anaemic as a result of the Chemotherapy, which means she will have to delay her Chemotherapy while she has a blood transfusion and takes a small time to recover.

So in the blood tests what are they checking? As you can see from the list of results below  there are quite a few different measurements taken, but basically the 4 main ones we are told about and give an overall indication of health are HB, WBC, Platelet and Neutrophil counts. So what do they impact?


HB – Haemoglobin

Haemoglobin is in the Red Blood cells and is used to carry oxygen around the body, a lack of haemoglobin is called anaemia which can lead the patient to be very tired and any level of exercise can be exhausting.

WBC – White Blood Cell

White Blood cells are used to fight infection, there are a few different types and this measurement is the count of all of them.


Platelets are used to clot the blood when you have a cut. A low platelet count can lead to uncontrolled blood loss.


Neutrophils are a type of White blood cell used to fight infection, low levels of these can lead to a condition called Neutropenia which means your immune system is dangerously compromised and will generally require hospitalisation, including intravenous antibiotics.

Jo’s blood test history

See below Jo’s blood test history, unfortunately we don’t have the results from the bad test after Chemo 2, when she had to have a blood transfusion.


So in Jo’s case, the Haemoglobin and platelets are low, so the Blood transfusion will be done to replenish the Red Blood Cells and therefore the haemoglobin levels. As a side effect of that she should also see her platelet count increase.

Based on the last time she had the transfusion, we should see her go from someone who has to stop half way up the stairs for breath, to someone who should be able to handle a weekend away on a mini city break, which is handy as that’s what we are doing this weekend.

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