Choosing where to donate your cash!!

There are hundreds of charities every day looking to persuade you to part with your money, all of them worthy in their way. However there isn’t a lot of information easily available as to what the money people donate, is spent on.

Some charities have employees, directors, collectors etc that are paid a salary, some are predominately manned by unpaid volunteers. Some spend lots of money on advertising and large public displays such as TV advertising campaigns, while some are smaller and all their more limited budgets go to direct help.

When it comes to Cancer charities, they fall in to a number of types, some of which are raising money predominantly for education, awareness and early detection, some provide support for those going through Cancer treatment, such as advice, information, help for family and financial assistance, some provide funding for research either to improve care or find a cure. Now in each of these groups there may be charities that provide funding for only specific Cancers or even specific sub types of a particular Cancer, or some that provide funding for many types of Cancer.

So as you can see there is so many to choose from and finding the right one for you that is giving the right amount of money to the areas of interest that you feel are important can be very difficult.

One of our fellow bloggers, Sara at has done a lot of the groundwork when it comes to UK Breast Cancer charities and has written a great blog detailing a number of these charities and what they spend their donations on. You can find it at the link below. UK Breast Cancer Charity guide

I would ask you to think about the following parameters when deciding who to donate to.

  1. Do some research
  2. Think about what you want your money to do
  3. Find something that means something to you.
  4. There is nothing wrong with choosing either big or small charities, they are all different and all have their good points
  5. Make sure it’s not wasted. Personally I see a lot of young people asking for Charitable donations in London, I suspect they are getting paid, I prefer to give direct and cut out the middle man.

If you wish to do further research for yourself you can view many financial records for UK charities on the Charities Commission website. Link below.

Charity Commission

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