3rd November 2000

roll cd1 (19)18 years ago today on the 3rd of November 2000, I was lucky enough to marry my beautiful wife on the island of Mauritius, we had met a couple of years earlier, had quickly had our son Jack and moved in together.

We had arrived in Mauritius and were blown away by its beauty, neither of us had ever been anywhere quite as exotic. The Maritim hotel that we stayed at was stunning sitting on a white coral sand beach with the gentle clear waters of the Indian ocean to look out on.

We had made the decision to go on our own, it was a long way for our families to come and we didn’t feel it was somewhere for our little Jack, so he stayed at home with the Grandparents,

We had to do a couple of paper work items to do, such as registering the wedding but the Hotel and British Airways arranged it all.

The Wedding day arrived and I was given another room to prepare. We were to marry in the Gardens of the hotel. Both of us were nervous, though I think we both knew we were going to turn up, would have made an awkward second week if one us hadn’t.

roll cd1 (13)I waited nervously for Jo to arrive with the friends we had met there, who were going to be our witnesses. Jo then appeared, looking stunning in her cream dress as she walked towards me with music playing in the background to join me at the wedding area. The service that followed was beautifully done and then we signed the register and we were married and I kissed the bride.

We spent the next hour or so having pictures around the hotel, by the pool, on the beach and by the pier. The photographer was great and though Mauritian had lived right beside where we were from in London, literally half a mile from my parents house, which was weird.roll cd3 (2)

We had a few drinks to relax afterwards following by an absolutely amazing meal at their top restaurant, which was one of the best on the Island. I have to say I have never had a better meal than the one I had that night in the Mon Desir restaurant, it capped off an amazing day.

I will never forget that wonderful day, marrying the most wonderful wife, I am still not quite sure how I managed to get her, I was definitely punching.

Here’s to many more happy years together.

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