New Lump!! Updated!!


Unfortunately over the last few days we spotted a new little lump in the middle of the mastectomy scar and after waiting a few days to see if it disappeared, which it didn’t, we decided we better get the Oncologist to have a look at it.

So yesterday we made an appointment with the Oncologist and saw him last night, he also agreed it looked suspicious, so today we will back to the hospital for another CT scan and then a punch biopsy.

If as we suspect it is the Cancer then he plans to send us to the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital where they are doing a trial that looks more closely at the makeup of the tumour, using DNA etc to find more targeted treatments but first let’s confirm what it is and then we can plan properly.

Also if it is Cancer then Radiotherapy that was scheduled to start on Monday, will be cancelled as this lump is on the side Jo has already had radiotherapy on back in 2016, so they can’t (due to risk of over radiating, which can cause more cancers) and weren’t going to do Radiotherapy on that side this time.

So back on the rollercoaster, but as described by our Oncologist yesterday, with a rollercoaster you can generally see the next turn coming up, this is like one in the dark, where you don’t know which direction you will go next.

We should get results of the biopsy and scan either Friday or early next week. More waiting!!


Jo had the scan yesterday lunch time before the biopsy in the evening. During the biopsy the surgeon said he had looked at the CT scan results and there was no obvious evidence of any spread to other organs, though he did caution that it was only a quick glance, but at least no large tumours were visible, so that is a positive. I did however get the impression he like the Oncologist was also rather concerned about the lump in the scar and also two smaller lumps just below. He took 2 biopsies in total for examination, now we wait. 


4 thoughts on “New Lump!! Updated!!”

  1. Dear Kieran and Jo

    I just can not tell you both how sad it was to read about this setback you and Jo have had, I do hope and pray that everything going forward will work out for the best ,please know that I will be praying for you and both JJ and myself are thinking of you all at this troublesome time god Bless 😘


    1. Thanks Fran. Yes rather disappointing but we still have options and that’s what matters at this stage. You never know it might yet be a false alarm. Here’s hoping. X


  2. Both me and my husband are faced with cancer, as his caregiver I do not always know what to say to bring him comfort. I am 71 treatments in for my stage four diagnosis and doing well. He has a 8cm x 11 cm tumour in his bowel that will not shrink, am I cancelling his bad prognosis with my wellbeing, it is hard thanks for your personal insights. Christina


    1. Sorry to hear what you are both going through. It must be very hard and I hope you both have support and people that are there to talk to. Good luck with your treatment and I hope they find something to start reducing your husbands tumour and it is ok to celebrate your good news. Take care.


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