Getting men to talk about their grief

I was recently invited by Steve Bland of the podcast You Me and the Big C to join him and another friend, Matt to talk about our experiences as widowers, of both helping someone through Cancer and also our grief when we lose them as part of some work he is doing for the Lorraine TV show on ITV.

Some of the gear, very complicated stuff.

We spent half a day filming in the lovely Richmond Park for a slot that will be shown on Lorraine next Monday 17th June, the programme starts at 8:30.  Please do have a look and I would welcome any feedback.

If you or people you know have lost a partner, there is a lot of help out there from charities who specialise in helping people deal with grief, including WAY (Widowed and Young) for the 50 and under, which I am a member and I have found a great help.

Steve has already done an interview for Lorraine on how he is dealing with his grief that was shown yesterday (12th June) which can be seen at the link below and also included on that page are links to a number of charities and agencies who can help.

Steve Bland – Lorraine (12th June)

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