Back with a vengeance!!

So yesterday after a long wait (the appointment was at 8pm) we visited the oncologist for the results of the biopsy and sadly both biopsies came back positive for Cancer, also the lymph nodes behind the breast bone showed signs of further disease.

Even worse was to come as the Oncologist uttered the words we have dreaded to hear, that the Cancer is now incurable.

However despite that devastating diagnosis, there is still things we can do, we still have options.

Firstly Jo will be referred to the Royal Marsden to see if she can get on a clinical trial, he has suggested there looks to be two that Jo might be eligible for that look more closely at the mutations in the cells and target therapy based on those results.

Jo will start back on the tablet Chemotherapy she was on previously, Capecitabine, to try and slow any increase in the Cancer, while we wait to see if she is eligible for the trials.

If she isn’t eligible then the oncologist will see how the Capecitabine works and he also has one other type of Chemotherapy available to use in his armoury called Eribulin.

So all in not a good day, some tough conversations have been had and some tougher ones to follow. It will take us a while to digest, but it is what it is, we don’t have any say in how this works.

The target now is to put the Cancer to sleep for as long as possible and live life to the fullest.

2 thoughts on “Back with a vengeance!!”

  1. Hi Kieran, very sad to read this. However, there is so much progress in medcine and pharmaceutics. Today, you can do so much more than even just 2 years back. Almost on a monthly basis, new drugs and therapies are being released. Hope, rather confidence is justified! All the best!!, Peter


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